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If you want to lease your property:
  • The details of your offer will be listed in our database from where it will be automatically transmitted to our web-site.
  • Our consultants will take quality pictures of your offer, increasing the advertising success rate.
  • Your offer will be sent to all the companies and clients in our database.
  • We put your property on-line on our Internet listing.
  • Competitive offers will be listed in magazines and newspapers that have a real estate section.
  • The exclusive offers will benefit from our putting on banners.
  • Your offer is presented to those potential tenants that fulfill your demands
  • Once a tenant for your offer is found, we offer you consultancy for signing the lease contract by:
    • explaining the clauses regarding the payment dates, the deposit, etc.
    • inserting clauses which prevent you from:
      • eventual damages of property
      • eventual unpaid debts by the tenant for the rented property
      • paying damages, utilities or other financial debts which, according to the law, are not on your behalf
      • using the property for purposes other than the ones you agreed.
  • In case your tenant wants to set the headquarters of a company at your property, we can help you to obtain all approvals for the headquarters to function in the rented location
  • If you give us the power, we can manage your property by :
    • renting when you are not in the country or you don\'t have time to do that
    • collecting your fee from the tenant and deposit it in your bank account
    • taking care that all the tenant\'s financial obligations regarding the property maintenance is fully paid on time
If you want to rent a property:
  • Sitting down in our office and understanding your needs
  • Informing you about the evolution of the real estate market in the area where you are looking to rent
  • Presenting the offers in our data base that are suitable to your needs and budget
  • Making Internet search and direct search in order to identify the newest listings that match your demands
  • Arranging visits to the properties you selected from our listings according to your schedule
  • Once you decide on a specific property:
    • we offer you assistance in negotiating the rent price
    • we guide you through the process of signing the lease contract, by explaining the legal issues that might appear, preventing you from:
      • being forced out of the property before the agreed time
      • paying property debts that are not on your behalf
      • not receiving back your deposit even if you respected the terms of the contract
      • renting a property without being able to use it for your indented purpose